Video Enhancer

Video Enhancer

Enables the user to adjust the brightness and contrast of any video that is being displayed within FreeWorship.

Video Enhancer

Why did you make it?

So many times people turn up on a Sunday morning with a video that has been ripped off YouTube and is completely unwatchable. Often it’s completely washed out on the projector and the impact is lost. However, normally it’s only a very simple adjustment that is required, it’s just that a tool do so is not available. What we’ve included in FreeWorship is the ability to adjust the contrast and brightness of any video, to give you the best chance of rescuing a video at short notice.

Why should I really bother though?

Unwatchable videos lose their impact and message

Video editing software is expensive and is unlikely to be available or quick or simple enough to be used on a Sunday morning

Even videos that may be perfectly watchable could be improved by adjusting the contrast or brightness by a small amount. This can often give the appearance of a far more professional media team

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