Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

Allows the user to drag and drop files and images straight into the service list, without needing to download or find the file location

Drag & Drop

Why did you make it?

The amount of people that find opening an image by downloading it and then navigating to it in an explorer window too taxing. We ended up agreeing (and didn’t want any more emails on the matter), so we made adding content to FreeWorship as easy as we possibly could. That should keep everyone happy.

Why should I really bother though?

Because life on earth is short and you don’t have time to waste downloading an image and navigating to it

You don’t have to keep track of file locations; though we would always recommend keeping folders organised, any last minute content on a memory stick can be dragged straight into the service list with your usual default display settings

There’s something satisfying about dragging and dropping

Easy to use and to teach; familiarity for your teams

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