Google Slides Integration

Google Slides integration quite simply enables FreeWorship to display Google Slide presentations. FreeWorship allows you to load a presentation from a Google Drive and controls it, allowing you to display the content as you normally would, but with the benefit of having it integrated into your service and into a single presentation software, with all your other media.

Google Slides SelectionGoogle Slides Presenting

Why did you make it?

We don’t like PowerPoint. It is restrictive for us to work with and requires churches to have expensive software. The number of previous versions that users are still using makes it very difficult for us to troubleshoot and develop reliability, which is essential for our users. We see the benefits of Google Slides as being:

Free to use - As far as we know, it always will be free to create and use Google Slides. This means you can save the money you would spend on PowerPoint and instead get FreeWorship Pro with a vastly larger feature set.

No more memory sticks - just pull the presentation off the internet. No more running back home at the last moment.

Cross platform - You can edit a Google Slides presentation on your phone, tablet, Mac, PC whatever you want. It enables any user with an internet connection to create a presentation for church

Constantly updating for all users - removes the multiple version issue and provides us with consistency

Potential for offline use - there is the potential for us to develop offline usage as you can download Google Slides, however, this is a while off

More reliable - the processing is still done by Google so there is no issue with converting presentations from one version to another, plus it will look identical to how you intended every time

Why should I really bother though?

Most churches have an internet connection now, or will do in the near future. We don’t see this as a barrier and in fact we see most churches moving to cloud storage and share files. This is an easy way to start that process

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