Advanced Bible Search

Toggle between searching within any of the installed Bibles for a keyword
or reference. The keyword search can be used with a single word or a whole phrase, and uses a specially developed search algorithm to prioritise results.

Bible SelectionPassage Locate

Why did you make it?

Frequently speakers love to reference Bible passages that they haven’t prepared. Sometimes it can be really useful to display these for the congregation, but the reference may not be immediately known. Typing in two or three words can often be enough to locate the passage and within 5-10 seconds, it’s on the screen. We knew this would be useful especially for churches with a more spontaneous style of service.

Note this can also be used by speakers with bad memories and an inability to write down a Bible reference, but will need it on the screen in about a thirty seconds.

Why should I really bother though?

Enables faster and easier locating and displaying of Bible passages, especially spontaneously

Can help speakers who forget a Bible passage but need it on the screen

Can really help if the speaker is frustratingly paraphrasing verses, but you know think the congregation would benefit from seeing the nuances in the text. Note use this feature responsibly

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