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    Hi Guys,

    Just tried out FreeWorship this morning and I am happily impressed.
    The only thing that will be tough on me, coming from EW would be keyboard shortcuts.

    In EW you press combinations of V + 1 to jump to Verse 1 or C + 2 to jump to Verse 2.

    So I would like to ask if this can be done? If not well I think relearning would be okay as well.

    Another question would be how to jump to slide number 10 and above.

    Thanks Guys!


    Yes a similar behavior is supported, but you'll have to unlearn what you did in EW. (I'm a keyboard lover for quicker responsiveness over fumbling with a mouse; if you're asking such questions, chances are you are one too)

    The number keys, 1 through 9 will allow you to go between song parts. It will highlight the song part you desire, and then you can use CTRL+Down key to apply it to the live screen.

    When it comes to numbering the song parts, it makes no distinction between Verse, Chorus, PreChorus, Bridge or Ending. If you broke a verse into two parts (i.e. add an empty line to that verse), it'll be assigned two separate part numbers.

    However, nine song parts is as large as it gets. When you have 10 or more parts, pressing "1" twice won't get you to the 11th song part. So, if you break your very long song into multiple slides, or if you use "Repeat" keyword in your song to repeat chorus, verses or bridges to make a streamlined arrangement (i.e. customized to your worship leader's preference, or to lessen visual clutter on the screen), chances are you'll eventually hit this technical snag.


    In freeworship Pro version, what is the short cut key for browsing passages in the bible. I know crtl + 1 will give me the bible alert but I can't find passages from it.

    How do I quickly find passages if the Pastor if lost?



    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Currently there is no shortcut for this.

    The feature uses the usual Bible search section that you would normally use to load a verse into the Service List. Use the toggle switch to search using keyword or phrase.

    We have placed the feature there primarily due to an under-use of bashers.

    Many thanks,



    We have placed the feature there primarily due to an under-use of bashers.

    , the Bible basher is by far my favorite!! So many times I've pulled up verses on-the-fly as the Pastor spits out references.

    , the only way to search for text is to use the Bible search panel on the left column, and since you're a FW Pro user, you have that feature available. If you have to search for a Bible passage by text, chances are, you're making an impromptu attempt like me.
    If the pastor is lost because in the passion of the moment he's quoting from a passage that was not part of the prepared Bible references, don't blame yourself! If the pastor is lost because he need to get back to the exact passage where he was preaching in context of the message, the Bible passage is best prepared ahead of time by adding passages to the service list.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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