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    The wait is over. FreeWorship 3 is finally here!

    Head over to http://www.freeworship.org.uk/download to upgrade now.

    Those of you using the forums probably already know the benefits of FW3, but here’s the sales pitch anyway.

    Why should I upgrade?

    FW3 is more efficient, has more features and is easier to use than FreeWorship 2.

    Tell me more…

    - The new Background Selector makes it much easier to change backgrounds on the fly.

    - Videos just work now. No more faffing around with different video players. Just click play and FW3 dos the hard work for you.

    - SlideSets allow you to create simple presentations from right within FreeWorship, no PowerPoint required.

    - The Database Manager gives you a view of you entire song library for easy administration.

    - And much more… http://www.freeworship.org.uk/features

    Can I open my old service lists in FreeWorship?


    Can I keep my old database?


    Can I install FW3 alongside FW2 before we completely switch over?


    Can I make it automatically brew tea and coffee for the tech team?

    Not yet. We’re working on it.


    5 days in and we’ve already got an update for you. There are always creases to iron out, but in true FreeWorship spirit we get fixes to you as fast as we can. Here’s what you can expect from the lated update.

    From to

    New Features

    - Added a Slide Set database page

    - Added an option to rename Slide Sets by right clicking the item in the service list

    - Added a button to the bible manager tab to set a default bible


    - Tweaked the look of scroll bars, checkboxes and other items to better fit with the new design

    - Added thumbnail support for .mp4, .flv, and .mov videos

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed bug which prevented people from opening FW2 service lists

    - Fixed the temperamental PgUp and PgDn keyboard shortcuts

    - Fixed a bug where on certain computers the Getting Started guide couldn't be displayed

    - Fixed the video play/pause button to stop it sticking on play


    It’s update time again. FW 3.0.4 is hot off the press. This release focuses bug fixes. Thanks to everyone that clicked that "Report” button. It realy does help.

    Here’s what to expect in the latest update

    - Fixed bug where PgUp and PgDn shortcuts would scroll through the service list

    - Fixed bug where Ctrl+Down shortcut didn't work when the service list was selected

    - Fixed bug where PgUp shortcut didn't work on PowerPoint slides with multiple animations

    - Fixed bug where old videos stayed loaded and continued to play in the background

    - Fixed bug where setting non full screen size for the stage display would still appear full screen

    - Fixed bug where closing the stage display wasn't reflected in the button on the main control panel

    - Fixed bug where clicking on the title bar caused the window to be resized

    - Fixed exception that occurred when trying to delete or rename Slide sets

    - Fixed exception that occurred when trying to delete a Song or Bible from the Database Manager


    The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. – 2 Corinthians 5:17

    Here’s what to look forward to in FW 3.0.6


    - Updated "Getting Started" guide for FreeWorship 3

    - Improved performance of preview videos so they aren't constnatly reloaded when using the file browser

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed bug where FreeWorship would close PowerPoint presentations open outside of FreeWorship

    - Fixed bug where copy-pasting a new service list item didn't work

    - Fixed bug where text would sometimes wrap differently on the preview screen vs the presentation screen

    - Fixed bug where items containing internet videos wouldn't load

    - Fixed bug where a corrupted settings file disabled background videos and images

    - Fixed bug where a single missing video would prevent the entire service list from being opened

    - Fixed bug where you couldn't open service lists with bible passages if there were no bibles in the databse

    - Fixed bug where migrating settings from FW2 to FW3 stope images from working

    - Fixed bug where pasting directories into a file browser caused an Exception

    - Fixed bug where files couldn't be cut from the file browser

    - Fixed bug where pasting files into an empty directory would not then show in that directory

    - Fixed bug where video's wouldn't restart if they were already playing


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