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    Happy Sunday FreeWorship folk! Exciting FreeWorship things have been happening. If you didn't notice the new updates to FreeWorship yesterday then I encourage you to switch on and download. There are some great new features, not least our first inclusion of official bible support! Now how cool is that!

    From the link below on our new look website you can buy a bible plugin! We are so fortunate to be able to offer you the ESV and the NRSV, two of our favourite translations, for just £10. Obviously that's not free, but it's cheap, and there are royalties to pay, plus no more faffing around with unofficial or unusual translations! (Or copyright infringement though we are sure none of you guys would be doing that..)

    They are just added to your account and you can use them straightaway in FreeWorship, so what are you waiting for! There will be more exciting stuff added to the shop over the next few months so do keep checking back!

    Thanks for sticking with us and we hope you will enjoy the new features!


    How can I select the Bible to display outside the default version/translation??


    To Select a Different Translation of a Passage on the Service List
    To select a Bible translation outside of the default version translation, first select the Bible passage you want and place it in the service list, then follow the instructions below:

    1. In the middle section (called the Service Item Display), click on "Edit" to open up the styling menu.
    2. Click on the "Extra" drop-down box, and locate the text "Bible to Use".
    3. Under "Bible to Use", there is a drop-down box which you can choose a different translation.
    4. Clicking on a different translation immediately applies it to the current selection of the Bible passage.

    The ambiguity of your question suggests that you want to set a different version/translation as your new default. I'll include the steps for this as well.

    To Select a New Default Bible Version/Translation
    To do so, follow these instructions:

    1. Go to "Settings" in the menu.
    2. Choose "Preferences Ctrl+P" to open up the Preferences Window
    3. Click on "Bibles" on the left column to display the options for Bibles.
    4. Click on the "Extra" drop-down box, and locate the text "Bible to Use".
    5. Under "Bible to Use", click another version/translation to make it your new default Bible.
    6. Click on "Save"

    Hope it helps!

    It is helpful to know both ways. Some church have a favorite translation that the pastor uses. But occasionally the pastor may quote from a different Bible. That's where knowing both approaches in FW is helpful.

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    AvatarDavid C Smith

    Do our PCs need to be connected to the internet whenever we use the plug-in Bibles? Until now I've always disconnected from the network during our meetings to prevent Windows updates downloading automatically and slowing everything down.


    You only need to be connected to the internet when you first import the plugin. After that it will work without an internet connection

    AvatarDavid C Smith

    Thanks Emem, that's good!

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