Pro Features

Why not hover over the feature thumbnails to reveal what FreeWorship Pro can offer you... Or if you know it's for you, go straight to our shop here to purchase!
Enables FreeWorship to display websites as a Service Item. Simple. Why did you make it?
Enables the user to adjust the brightness and contrast of any video that is being
Allows the user to drag and drop files and images straight into the service list,
Twitter alerts allows a user to search for a hashtag or keyword on Twitter, and
Allows the primary user, programmer, administrator to prevent other users adjusting a number of critical
SongSelect integration enables users with a SongSelect subscription to stop wasting their lives typing in
Enables easy compiling of CCLI reporting by tracking the songs that have been used and
Toggle between searching within any of the installed Bibles for a keywordor reference. The keyword
Google Slides integration quite simply enables FreeWorship to display Google Slide presentations. FreeWorship allows you
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