FreeWorship started life in March 2012 as very basic presentation software and has slowly grown into a powerful worship aide. The developers got together to write a piece of presentation software after deciding that other presentation software, available for free, just couldn't cut it for displaying words of songs and bible passages at Southampton University Christian Union. FreeWorship and FreeWorship Pro are owned by Fruitful Harvest Ltd.

FreeWorship's Timeline


March 2012 - The first ever version of FreeWorship. Not exactly a thing of beauty, but something that worked. When you strip a projection software back to the barebones, what must it be able to do? Twitter feeds? Webpages? How about songs....? We are proud of the fact that we began with the primary purpose of simplicity at the core, and we haven't lost that since


June 2012 - Another release. This time it looks a bit more recognisable especially for those users who joined us at version 1 or 2. Now we introduced some familiar features. The style can be edited. The Show Content, Black and other display state buttons are added. The centre pane even features the familiar two colour progression that is still in FreeWorship to this day


March 2013 - Only a year since the first version was realiased, large additions were made. Images, videos, slidesets, Bibles, songs. You name it, FreeWorship can display it. We also completely revamped the style settings and transitions which paved the way for the full interface layout that we still have today


March 2014 - Another year has passed. FreeWorship has grown massively. People actually like our software? And we are people pleasers, so we added in a few more features like timers and some more advanced database searching alongside a whole host of bug fixes. Consolidation is the key word
November 2015 - The release that forms the basis of our current software. A complete interface revamp, new branding and an improved feature set. Using this as our platform, shortly afterwards we introduced FreeWorship Pro to the world, not only a huge step for the company introducing a paid version, but also for the world as we have since innovated some unique features such as Google Slides. We believe we can continue growing and helping to improve the media presentation of users globally, bringing the simple, reliable and versatile software
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