Twitter Alerts

Twitter alerts allows a user to search for a hashtag or keyword on Twitter, and then display moderated tweets, with or without images, overlayed on the main output.

Twitter Alerts

Why did you make it?

Basically we needed it. We have done events that traditionally always used text-ins to talk to the host. How old fashioned!! Nowadays everyone is on Twitter, so we joined the hype and made a feature to enable an event to use a hashtag and the automatically pull those tweets into FreeWorship to then display as an Alert.

Why should I really bother though?

The way a hashtag spreads is incredible and Twitter is cross platform enabling anyone to contribute

Prevents typos for an operator pulling content in from another source and is quicker than even copy and pasting from another program. Plus since FreeWorship’s alert manager is a seperate window, you can keep it open the whole time so you never miss a tweet

Using Twitter enables pictures to be shared as well as text; keeping all the content in one place makes it so easy to share highlights with people

FreeWorship doesn’t just display anything; the feature provides the facility to moderate the content, to ensure that only tweets you want to display are shown

It looks pretty cool and that’s what church is about right?

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