SongSelect Integration

SongSelect integration enables users with a SongSelect subscription to stop wasting their lives typing in songs, and simply download them from the CCLI database straight into FreeWorship. These are then stored offline in FreeWorship for future use.


Why did you make it?

SongSelect is a growing service and one that we really like. It can be really difficult to find reliable lyrics online; they are usually littered with typos or include a million endings that were never actually intended to be sung by the congregation. This makes creating songs a time consuming process that is better spent fine tuning a presentation or training.

Why should I really bother though?

SongSelect makes it painless and fast to create Service Lists and create a database

No more last minute googling for a song which the worship leader has sprung on you at the last minute

It makes sure there are no embarrassing typos

It ensures the formatting is consistent and reduces the chance of spurious characters or line breaks

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